Jazz is Great Entertainment

Welcome to our fun website, which is all about jazz. If you have landed here, you may well be looking for some jazzy inspiration and some information about where you can listen to great jazz tunes. Maybe you are entirely new to jazz, in which case you can start off with reading our section about the history of this musical style, which makes for a great introduction to the genre, and gives you an overview over the different forms of jazz.

Fun with Jazz

You are a confirmed music lover and are looking for some fun ways to introduce someone close to you to the delights of jazz? Look no further! In our Jazzy-Fun section, you can find out all about swing dancing and how to do it. We also intend to introduce you to some of the best online jazz radio stations, where you can listen to great music and find your favourite style.

Experiencing Jazz Around the World

In our section “Festivals and Clubs” we introduce you to some of the most prominent Jazz Festivals around the world. This is really only a small selection, and there are many more great and unusual jazz festivals. They can be found on each and every continent, but mainly in Europe, North America and Asia. The world has many great jazz clubs to offer, where music lovers can immerse themselves in an atmosphere which complements their favourite music, be it traditional jazz in a club that is steeped in history, contemporary styles in an ultra-modern setting or a combination of jazz and good food in a restaurant. There is a jazz club for everyone!