The Best Jazz Clubs

Jazz clubs are the ultimate venues for jazz lovers to immerse themselves in the world of jazz and enjoy their favourite music in an atmosphere, that often takes them back to an era when jazz was cool and revolutionary. Experiencing jazz at a jazz club is genuinely worth a journey to some of the best clubs around. Why not make it a jazz-holiday? Here we introduce some of the best jazz clubs in the world.

Bimhuis, Amsterdam

The Bimhuis is often described as the best jazz club in Europe. This modern jazz club is perched at one end of the Muziekgebouw, an ultra-modern building built from steel and glass at the city’s riverside. Its amphitheatre-style set-up offers almost perfect acoustics and the best views for everyone in the audience. At the Bimhuis the patrons experience great jazz concerts against an amazing ultra-modern visual background. For fans of Jazz and online casinos there are many slot games that have Jazz as a theme.

Village Vanguard in New York City

New York City is one of the world capitals of jazz and has many great jazz clubs. The Village Vanguard stands out as the ultimate jazz club of the city. Descending the narrow steps to the small basement club, visitors immediately feel themselves immersed in the history of jazz. Many great jazz musicians have performed in this dimly lit venue. The Village Vanguard is still situated at the same address in Greenwich Village, where it was opened in 1935 and has not been changed. It is even still run by the same people.

The Crypt, Capetown

The Crypt in Capetown really is a crypt and is located beneath the foundations of St. George’s Cathedral. The venue calls itself a Jazz restaurant and offers a unique jazz experience including delicious international food accompanied by great Jazz. The ancient setting has been transformed by a new contemporary interior and stylish lighting.